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 Traveling Rules

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PostSubject: Traveling Rules   Traveling Rules Icon_minitimeSat Apr 17, 2010 9:09 pm

To journey from one village to another, each travelling character must contribute to a travel thread. Each travelling character must post a minimum of 250 words before the journey topic can be completed (this applies to any number of travellers - 250 words each, regardless of whether you are alone or with others). This topic must clearly state the reasons for your journey (including, but not limited to those of a shinobi in the process of deserting his/her village to become a missing-nin).

Travel topics will automatically be considered private, though it would still be advised to put [P] or [Private] in the topic title. The only time this is subject to change is if you are on a mission. In which case, you MUST state so in your topic. Be warned, those travelling for mission do not get [Private] privileges, and could potentially be interrupted at any time. Logic can also be applied to breaking the privacy of topics. For example, if you are leaving a village, it is likely another shinobi will be sent to retrieve you. In such a case, the privacy of a topic will be voided. Note that you may use the same thread you used for the first leg of your journey to travel back to where you came from. If you leave your village or are kidnapped, the search party has 72 hours to post in your travelling topic, if they do not, you may carry on

These rules are to enforce more realistic roleplay and enhance quality of roleplay. Please adhere to them.
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Traveling Rules
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